Canowindra Challenge Part II - 2022

Updated: Jul 24

Successful Completions

10km Riders

Cooper Gill riding Kabell

David Gill riding Bliss

Sarah M'Crystal riding Arabella

Olive O'Dea riding Layha

Rebecca O'Dea riding Archie

Angela Payne riding Chopper

Grace Payne riding Sally

Charlotte Pearce riding Rathowen Velvet Bows

Hunter Pearce riding Houdini

Matt Pearce riding Billy

Jacquie Rodney riding Heathers Hefner

Allyson White riding Nothnbutagoodthing

Belinda Wright riding April

Paula Crowe riding Max

20km Riders

Anne Bailey riding Rosie

Melanie Carter riding Indian Crow

Karen Cave riding Egg

Ashleigh Cockburn riding Honey

Damir Cokas riding Tokai

Anita Dawson riding Wills

Danielle Doff riding Jillaby Midget

Emily Hill riding Twinkle

Kim Hill riding Coolinda Park Snooze

Leanne Holz riding Regal

Michael Jakob riding Lola

Olivia Jakob riding Boardershow Bunny

Jo McCabe riding Monty

Ruby McCabe riding Sonic

Bianka Micic-Cokas riding Uncle Gerry

Anna Norton riding Scarlet Oaks Rafi'ah

Amanda O'Connor riding Castomo

Tom Pankhurst riding Jagg

Jordan Piggott riding Zemzem Raya

Lesley Staniforth riding Saffron

Wayne Webster riding Sunny

Stacy Williams riding Harper

Frances Woodbridge riding Nina

40km Riders - Saturday

Annette Bailey riding Charlotte

Karen Casey riding Canalbyn Special Lady Kate

Brooke Dale riding Currowan Nikita

Cheree Dilley riding Tuldar Hamal

Lara Dilley riding Rosebrae Red Rustler

Roz Edmonds riding Mindari Ace High

Talea Hasko-Stewart riding Blakes Heaven Bombora

Faith Johnson riding Milandi Smokey

Georgia Johnson riding Henley Farm Rakkad

Greta Johnson riding JRK Cobra

Bridget Maher riding Future Dreams Smudge

Rachel Meek riding Canalbyn Glowing Elle

Caroline Schuster riding Simeon Bollinger

James Sheahan riding Bullio Pepsico

Jenny Shepheard riding Currown Meridius

Sorsha Stuart-Rokvic riding Berwick Royal Music

Mette Sutton riding Tuldar Tully

Sue Todd riding Shakari Bear

Jemma Touzell riding Harley

Sue Warren riding Razorback Darcy

40km Riders - Sunday

Anthony Parker riding Mindari Ace High

Anne Bailey riding Rosie

Cathy Banwell riding Blakes Heaven Caruso

Jeremy Banwell riding Scarlet Oaks Aziz

Carly Hallett riding Brian

Bruce Carter riding Mittani Hairan

Damir Cokas riding Tokai

Vicki Mathew riding Cedar Glen Raffaela

Bianka Micic-Cokas riding Uncle Gerry

Mark Norton riding Zemzem Raya

Deborah Pippen riding Blakes Heaven Winter Knight

Karlee Rose riding Dark Intentions

Caroline Schuster riding Simeon Bollinger

Sorsha Stuart-Rokvic riding Berwick Red Princess

Sue Todd riding Shakari Bear

Bianca Watman riding Dunbar Coco Chanel

80km Riders - Sunday

  1. Graeme Burchell riding Kiowa

  2. Tahnaya Mercieca riding Henley Farm Fursan (BEST CONDITIONED)

  3. Jo Davis riding Jamal Desert Mist & Sue Warren riding Razorback Darcy (EQUAL)

  4. Ian Dreghorn riding Ausden Nile Prins

  5. Mark Glanville riding Woodbourne Anna Brown

  6. James Sheahan riding Brechenridge Icon

  7. Gavin Peacock riding Chop Chop

  8. Jolene Cole riding Kurrajong Aces

  9. Allan Caslick riding Picnic Park Roger

  10. Corey Tubnor riding Karrabil Birrali

  1. Jenny Shepheard riding Currowan Maximus (LINE HONOURS & BEST CONDITIONED)

  2. Ellen Murdoch riding Henley Farm Janazah

  3. Jessica Williams riding Alzarah

  4. Bev Turner riding Dane

  5. Brett Willis riding Carlwood Ghost

  6. Anna Norton riding Rivernook Sadiqa

  7. Marissa Levitt riding Rivernook Zulfiqar

  8. Clare Feary riding Equilo

  9. April Newman riding Tarnette

  10. Sam Peters riding Love In The Mist

  11. Brandon Dick riding Cameo Persiaa

  12. Courtney Wiltshire riding Dumaresq Party Girl

  13. Lou Piddington riding A'Landell Soul

  14. Mette Sutton riding Tuldar Tully

  15. Isabella Circosta riding Ropa Park Bella Shakila

  16. Amanda Apperley riding Bonnvoyage

  17. Caitlin Langley riding Currowan Music

  18. Jill Kalkman riding Miss Muppet

  19. Leesa Mak riding Blakes Heaven Venus

  20. Ben Hudson riding Oso Surprise

  21. Sharyn Coulston riding Bullio Pan Pacs

  22. Rachel Benaud riding Veloce Divine

  1. Nichola Mepham riding Meracious Marousseh

  2. Kim Gaspari riding Cooinda Park Willow

  3. Clare Fleming riding Flemingo Bomsaway (BEST CONDITIONED)

  4. Celia Hodgson riding Aloha Desert Thor

  5. Fia Hasko-Stewart riding Blakes Heaven Adventuress

  6. Louise Stevens riding Blakes Heaven Bon Vivant

  7. Lauren Roper riding San Ella Estelle

  8. Kim Hill riding Twinkle

  9. Raelene Whitfield riding Wootton Charismatic

  10. Susan Woodward riding Castlebar What's the Goss

  11. Robin Gossip riding Raymar Amira

  12. Faith Robinson riding Espirit Serena

  13. Edwina McCarron riding Aloha Sweet Brier

  14. Avril Cummins riding Ironbark Park Whispering Jack

  15. Linda Logan riding Willow Valley Dartanyan

  16. Jodi Dewick riding Wickwood Badira

  17. Shelly Ison riding Marcon Elafi

  18. Amanda Myers riding Stoodleigh Sun Rise

  19. Kali Sloane riding Blakes Heaven Carousel

  20. Arabella Ward riding Oso Elloise

  21. Tiana Baldock riding Hartfield Untouchable

  22. Jemma Touzell riding Flemingo Star

  23. Heather Parry riding Dallas Arabians Orlando

  1. Kaitlyn Mercieca riding Henley Farm Burosh

  2. Modena Schofield riding Amarin Brindi (BEST CONDITIONED)

  3. Julia Hill riding Safour

  4. Tayla Hunt riding Castlebar Icon

  5. Alissa Myers riding Grattai Station Traveller

  6. Caryss Parry riding Mishael


Lou's Ride Review

The Canowindra Challenge ride saw 145 entries over the two days and it was wonderful to see so many people returning from 2021 and many new people entered for their very first taste of endurance.

The weather held up for us giving us a nice sunny day after a very frosty start for the Sunday 80km riders who departed at 5:30am, and the countryside looked fabulous with all the farm stock in their prime after the superb wet start to Winter that we have had.

We had 2 members stepping up in distance for the first time which is always exciting. Karen Casey from Garland successfully stepped up to a 40km ride and Junior, Tayla Hunt successfully completed her first 80km ride. Well done girls !!

Our Best Managed Standardbred Award went to Damir Cokas riding Tokai who successfully completed 20km on Saturday and then 40km on Sunday.

Our Spirit of Endurance Award went to April Newman who received a clothing pack sponsored Alfa Equestrian. April has completed 9,200km in 'endurance' rides and 665km in intro and intermediate rides and is a wonderful ambassador for our sport always showing excellent horsemanship and sportsmanship

Congratulations to all the winners, placegetters, competitors and social riders. Everyone showed great horsemanship and took fabulous care of their horses.

Thankyou to all our sponsors including the Canobolas Endurance Club, Archer Equine, Cowra Vet Centre, Canowindra Services Club, Canowindra Real Estate, Canowindra Produce, Canowindra Tyre Service, Earsmans Mixed Concrete Canowindra, Horse Supplements Direct, Freeform Australia, Bushgrove Endurance, Mats By Design, Alfa Equestrian, Margo Bailey and the NRG team.

Our vet team comprised Rhys Powell as Head Vet, Georgia Ladmore as Treatment Vet and endurance vetting newbies Ryan Lane and Max Woods. Our Chief Steward and timing whizz was Tom McCormack and we had Gordy Smith, Di Cameron and Margo Bailey taking expert care of the timing stations and final weighing. Our office team were Helen Brown, Jo Davis, Erica Allan and myself. Cat McDonald and Steph very efficiently handled the logbooks data entry and Eric Brown was our Vetting Marshall keeping the vet area running smoothly. Our TPR’s were Ian Mepham, Bindi Reinhold, Rob Gossip, Faye Stockley and Karen Casey.

Out on Checkpoint number 1 was John Robbo and Paul Mercieca who I'm sure were freezing their butts off at 5:30am in the crisp morning air. You guys were awesome!! Roz King kindly held up Checkpoint 2 solo and loves seeing riders go through always showing a keen interest in our ride. Thanks Roz. James Ryan and Chris Kinsela were on hand with the rescue float (luckily we only had to use it once and nobody was injured, just very tired) and they both had the Ride Base running efficiently all weekend. Chris and James also help out behind the scenes organising water pods, and troughs and helping with track marking, slashing the ride base and way too many other jobs to mention.

We can't run our ride without the help our landowners, David Harrison very kindly allows us to use the Cranbury Hall and grounds, Matt and Tamara Pearce own the ride base (Matt, Hunter and Charlotte rode in the 10km this year), Adam Nash allows us to cut through his property to avoid Canowindra Road keeping riders safe and went out of his way to clear a new path along the fenceline so that riders didn't have to navigate through a very muddy area and finally, Roz King allows us access through her property giving us a nice 4km of bushland to break up the laneways.

We welcomed new photographer and videographer, James Bacueti to our event who took some amazing footage for Prime 7 news and our promotional video not to mention some fabulous photos. We also had Jo Arblaster of Animal Focus out on track capturing memories and Jo very kindly put her Journalist hat on for some promotional stories featured in the Canowindra News, Cowra Guardian and The Regional.

We look forward to welcoming riders back to Canowindra again in the future. If you are new to the sport or even just thinking about getting into endurance, please get in touch because we would love to hear from you. Endurance is a wonderful, family friendly and inclusive sport for ALL ages and skill levels.

Until next time..... Lou x

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