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'The greatest adventure is what lies ahead'

10km RIDE

The 10km course will follow a loop around the church on well maintained quiet dirt roads with good verges either side.

20km RIDE

The 20km course  will leave the ride base heading down Cranbury Lane and towards Canowindra Rd. Riders will cross Canowindra Rd (As this is a busy tar road, safety officers will be at the crossing but there is plenty of visual both sides). Riders will then turn left into private property and onto a quiet dirt country lane which winds up and around offering views all the way to Mt Canobolas. You will then loop back around to Canowindra Rd, cross again and head back to the ride base.

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Cowra Vet Centre 40km RIDE

The 40km course will follow leg 2 BLACK ARROWS.

Canowindra Challenge 80km RIDE

Leg 1 of the 80km course will follow RED ARROWS leaving the ride base to the right down Toogoong Road. Riders will follow a dirt road for 10km before crossing Longs Corner Road. This is a quiet tar road but please slow down to cross. You will then go down through a floodway and then head off to the left following quiet well maintained dirt roads with good verges winding through the open landscapes of the Canowindra farmland. There is another small area of tar to watch out for about 6km along before you turn off to the right. You will then join onto part of the 2003 Tom Quilty track where will enter private property and follow a bush track for around 4km before popping back out on Nanami Lane which will take you back across Longs Corner Road and back to the ride base.


Leg 2 of the 80km course will follow BLACK ARROWS leaving the ride base to the left down Cranbury Road and onto Sussex Lane which will take riders across Canowindra Road. There will be safety officers to ensure you cross safely as this is a 100km road (there are good visuals both ways). You will then head left into private property for which will pop you out onto Frisby’s Lane. This lane winds up taking in views right across to Mount Canobolas at the top. You will continue down and around on quiet well maintained dirt roads with good verges for the remainder of the leg and ultimately loop back around to Frisby’s Lane following the same course back to the ride base.  There is some undulation on this leg as well as some long flat stretches.


Both legs offer beautiful views of the Canowindra farming district.

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